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Features And Updates Of Angular 11

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In this post, we investigate a couple of the fundamental features presented in Angular 11 that assistance drives more noteworthy performance. 

Progressive Web Applications:

The idea of a progressive web app is tied in with empowering the improvement of program-based applications that convey a perfect local-like client encounter – paying little heed to the program running them. One of the main angular 11 new features is that it makes creating such applications quickly. While a few upgrades have been made, the procedure hasn’t been consummated yet. The true goal of the Angular team is to create progressive web application development. Future Angular releases are likely to include improved support for progressive web apps. AngularJs Training in Chennai is the right area to get adequate knowledge in the angular latest stable version.

Build Optimiser:

This component is intended to make the application smaller by expelling excessive code. It additionally removes the decorators from the application’s runtime code because they are only used by the compiler and aren’t really needed at runtime. This takes into account the formation of smaller generation wraps and accelerates applications.

AOT Compiler:

The AOT compiler is one of the angular 11 new features that is significantly quicker than the previous angular versions. Basically, the AOT compiler modifies over TypeScript of angular into productive JavaScript code before the program downloads it and runs it.

This is distinctive to the just-in-time (JIT) compiler which orders apps in the program at runtime which is the thing that most Angular developers were spending as of not long ago. Utilizing AOT gives faster rendering, less non-concurring demands, smaller download sizes, and it can likewise identify format mistakes prior.

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Angular Universal Transfer API:

Server-side rendering provides from angular universal which supports performance. In form 5 it’s currently easier to share code among server and client-side renditions of an application. Another module called ‘ServerTransferStateModule’ has now been included which advances the way toward bringing information over HTTP.

Changes with Pipes:

A pipe is a method for transferring data starting with one program process then onto the next. Essentially, it passes a parameter, for example, the yield of one procedure to another procedure which acknowledges it as the information.

In Angular 11, pipes have been expanded to build institutionalization crosswise across programs and take out the necessity for polyfills. Prior to variant 5, apps depended on the program to give Numbers, Dates, and Currency arranging, yet now Angular is utilizing its very own execution.

New Router Lifecycle Events:

A lifecycle occasion (or ‘snare’) enables developers to determine a specific point in the stacking of segments. With Angular 11, this should now likewise be possible with the router. This takes into consideration the following router cycles from the earliest starting point of running gatekeepers.

RxJS 5.5 Imports:

The RxJS receptive programming library has been updated to adaptation 5.5.2 or later, including administrators that dispose of the symptoms of code-part and tree-shaking issues. Likewise, RxJS presently disperses a variant utilizing the ECMAScript module, pulled in of course by the Angular CLI.


Angular has been continuously updated to compete with current technology. knowing angular latest stable version will let you master it in dynamic apps development. To gain knowledge in angular 11 new features, just step into FITA Academy, They offer extensive Angular Training In Coimbatore in all versions of Angular.