difference between cloud computing and big data

Difference Between Cloud Computing And Big Data

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Big data vs cloud computing are two different terms in technology. But still the majority of people having a confusing between these two terms. In this article, we are going to learn the actual difference between cloud computing and big data. Hadoop Admin Training in Chennai supports you to understand the actual difference between Big data vs cloud computing.


Big data is a highly in-demand technology in the world. Big Data is all about statistics and analytics. The primary role of Big Data is to get the required result from the unsorted data based on the outcome of the data the big data analysis takes prediction-based decisions.


Therefore Big data is about collecting raw data through various sources and convert them into meaningful data to make decisions based on the prediction. Big Data holds the following characteristics, i.e., Velocity, Volume, Variety, Veracity, Variability, and Value. R and Python both high-level languages use with Big Data. Apart from this, here are some technologies use with Big Data are Data Management, Data Mining, Hadoop-Memory Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining. Hadoop Admin Course in Chennai provides training in other big data-related technologies under the guidance of industry experts.


On the other hand, Cloud computing is the technology in which the user uses the resources of other computers over the internet. The resources can be software or hardware. With the help of cloud computing, the user can store lots of data without having a storage device. Cloud computing is utilizing by various organizations to give services to their clients.

Three significant Categories of Cloud Computing

  1. SaaS:- In SaaS. In this, the user uses the software installed on the server computer. SaaS service originally offers on a subscription basis. Almost all the SaaS companies charge some amount of money from the user to have their service. Moz is the best example of SaaS. Lots of software companies are moving towards SaaS technologies. Adobe is the one that is now providing one of its products as a SaaS.
  2. IaaS: In IaaS. In this context, the user uses the hardware infrastructure of the company. IaaS provides the storage space to the users. IaaS can be a fee or Paid. The best example of Iaas is Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. PaaS: Platform as a Service is known as PaaS. The developer uses PaaS to create and manage their application or software over the internet. Some PaaS companies also provide some additional tools to help the developers to develop their apps or software. PaaS service is secure and reliable. The best example of PaaS is AWS(Amazon web services).


In the end after having the difference between cloud computing and big data. We can say that big data is about collecting the raw data through different sources and sort it to make it meaningful data. The data is used to make prediction-based decisions. Cloud computing is about utilizing the resources of other computers. The resource can be software, hardware, or an application. If you are planning to get training in Hadoop Admin Course in ChennaiFITA Academy would be the right platform.