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features in angular 11

Features And Updates Of Angular 11

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In this post, we investigate a couple of the fundamental features presented in Angular 11 that assistance drives more noteworthy performance.  Progressive Web Applications: The idea of a progressive web app is tied in with empowering the improvement of program-based…

Things to know about Angular 5 and Angular 6

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We are all excited for welcoming the latest release in Angular 6. This new release simplifies Angular makes it easier and quicker. It helps to get a better life for developers. AngularJS is the popular framework which helps to develop…

Added Advantages of Taking AngularJS Certification

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AngularJs are a framework. If you want to build a web application, just go with angular. It supports two-way data binding. AngularJS are mostly used for Single Page Applications (SPA). It uses Dependency injection. AngularJs runs completely in browser and…