What is Selenium Cross Browser Testing with its Advantages?

What is Selenium Cross Browser Testing with its Advantages?

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Selenium is a widely used automation testing framework for cross-browser testing. It is an open-source framework primarily used for automating web application (and website) testing across a variety of browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and others. Join FITA Academy‘s Selenium Training in Chennai to learn more about Selenium technology. It provides advanced certification training as well as 100% job placement assistance. Let us now learn more about Selenium Cross Browser Testing and Advantages of Cross Browser Testing.

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is the process of testing a website or web application on various browser and browser version combinations. The desktop browser market share is a clear indicator of the fragmentation in the desktop browser market.

Cross browser compatibility testing is a method for testing your website (or web application) on various browsers, browser versions, and operating systems. It is critical to ensure that the product experience is consistent across browsers and platforms (or operating systems).

Why use Selenium for Cross Browser Testing?

For beginners, Selenium is a popular open-source framework used for cross-browser testing or website automation testing (or web applications). The Selenium framework includes language bindings for popular programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and PHP.

Selenium is a powerful test automation framework that not only aids in web automation testing but also speeds up overall software release through integration with popular CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab CI, and others. Selenium’s only drawback is that it cannot be used to automate desktop applications.

Prior to Selenium 4, the JSON Wire Protocol was used to communicate between the client and server. However, the JSON Wire protocol is being phased out in Selenium 4 in favour of the WebDriver W3C protocol, which is used in the Selenium 4 framework. This essentially means that when your cross browser tests are run on the Selenium 4 Grid, they will be more stable (or less flaky).

The Selenium framework is designed in such a way that browser updates (or enhancements) have little impact on test scenarios. The browser drivers facilitate interaction with the WebElements on the page that is rendered in the browser.

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Advantages of Cross-Browser Testing

Simultaneous Test Execution Results in Faster Testing

The most difficult challenge that automation testing presents is scalability. The need to run each and every test across all possible combinations of different browsers, versions, operating systems, versions, devices, and platforms is what makes it a tedious and time-consuming task. What’s worse, every time there’s a new build or a hotfix that needs testing, your testing team would have to re-run all those tests across all those browser combinations all over again.

Save Time and Money

Cross browser testing frequently necessitates mundane and repetitive tests, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task if performed manually. You can save time and increase return on investment by identifying and automating all common tests that must be repeated across all browser combinations (ROI).

 More Accurate Test Results

Even the most experienced testers can introduce a flaw due to a brief lack of focus or oversight. Any such human errors can be completely avoided with automation. Because your test automation tool is free of human emotions that frequently cause oversight, such as boredom, fatigue, or stress, this can result in improved test accuracy.

Get More Testing Done With Fewer Resources

This is a general benefit of any type of test automation, but it is also applicable to cross browser tests. You will need far fewer testers if you use test automation to run your cross compatibility tests than if you run them manually. This, in turn, speeds up test execution, which not only scales but also saves time and money.


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