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What Is Data Science And Its Applications?

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What is the data science?

Data science is a field of study that works with massive amounts of data by applying modern methods and techniques to reveal hidden patterns, acquire valuable data, and make business decisions. The information used for analysis can come from a wide range of sources and be presented in several ways. To learn more about data science, join the Data Science Course in Chennai at FITA Academy.

What is the application of data science?

Data science is a field with many applications that are useful in several areas such as healthcare, gaming, image recognition, fraud detection, internet search, and speech recognition, airline route planning, targeted advertisement, and logistics. Some of the data science applications are :



The data from the health sector are used for several purposes such as drug discovery, new instrument discovery, tumors, medical image analysis, virtual medical analysis and finding the unknown disease.



Data science is used in gaming and video game discovery as it is important to create new engaging games that are attractive to the players who are playing the games. This data science is used to develop important next-level virtual reality games.


3)Image Recognition

Data science is largely applied in image recognition, vital for creating several popular applications such as Facebook. When we upload an image, Facebook allows us to use data science in the image recognition algorithm, which allows us to tag friends in the list with the help of the algorithm. To learn more about image recognition, join the Data Science Online Course and learn more about its several features.


4)Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection can be done with the help of data science, such as banking and finance sectors. The credibility of the person buying the loan and using the bank services is cross-checked with the help of the data in sources of the cyber security sectors.


5)Internet Searches

Internet searches mean we think of the word google. Google is not the only search engine. There are several other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. When we type a word in a search engine, several billions of data are being analyzed, and the related data we need will be shown above. We can not imagine these search engines without data and data science applications.


6)Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a popular area where we can see that data science is applied. To learn more about speech recognition applications, we can see that in google voice recognition, Amazon Siri etc. If we ask a question to google with the help of voice recognition, it is easy to know the exact answer needed.



I hope you have learned some useful information regarding data science and its varied applications. Thus it is vital to know the essential features of data science and its several features. To know more about data science, it is vital to learn from Data Science Training in Bangalore.