What are the ways you can update Robots.txt file on your website? Guide by SEO Training

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seo training in chennaiA Website owner creates a robots.txt file and give the file instruction about their website to the Google robots is called Robots.txt file or (REP) The robots exclusion protocol. The Robots file instructs the Bot how to crawl and which page should index on their website. Using robots.txt file you can decide which page Google bot can crawl and what page won’t crawl. Every SEO professionals know how to create a Robots.txt file for their working website, but many of them didn’t know how to update the file into their website. In my article you can learn all the possible way to update Robots.txt file onto your website. Our team, who taking SEO Training in Chennai has analyzed all the feasible way to do this,.

Let learn some new way to update Robots on your website.

Way 1:

If you are working for a website which is developed using any of the programming language, you can update your robots.txt using the website control panel.

  • Create your robots.txt file in a Notepad


  • Save it by the name of (robots)


  • Upload the text file into your Cpanel


  • Then update your Website.

Way 2:

If you are working with WordPress website, you can use this way to update robots.txt

  • Using the above instruction what I have done with control panel you can update the file. If you are not having C-panel you can update the file using a plugin called Yoast SEO
  • Install Yoast SEO
  • Update robots directly using the option called tools in your Yoast SEO.
  • Goto Yoast SEO-> Tools


  • Navigate Tools->File Editor


  • Update your robots file here and click save changes to Robots.txt


Way 3: (Common for all kind of website platform)

  • Login your webmaster account, choose your website
  • Click Crawl–>GOTO txt tester


  • Here you can directly update your robots.txt

robots update

  • Finally, you can check your live robots using see live robots.txt in your life side option

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