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The Five Stages Of The Software Testing Life Cycle

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The Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is the process of conducting various testing tasks, and it promotes reliability in software development. Each STLC phase is helpful in its way of producing high-quality software. By enrolling in the top Software Testing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy, you can learn more about the stages used in software testing development. This blog will provide in-depth knowledge about the Stages involved in the Software Testing life cycle in the following sequence.

Software Testing Life Cycle Stages

Let’s examine these successive stages of the software testing life cycle in more detail:

Requirement Analysis

In most development sectors, projects start with software requirements, which determine the business’s goals. Functional and non-functional specifications in system requirements offer opportunities for Testing and validation. Software requirements usually include:

  1. Needs for High-level business.
  2. Requirements for the system on which developers build their work.
  3. Architectural specifications that describe how the feature will be developed and maintained.

Test Planning

The test plan specifies the scope, objectives, kinds of functional and non-functional tests (both automated and manual), and information about the test environments. Test management establishes roles and timelines for the task after determining those details. When the STLC phases are finished, the testing team can finally decide what deliverables to provide.

Test Case Creation And Development

Once the test plan is in place, testers may start writing and creating thorough test cases. The Quality Assurance team develops the specifics of the structured tests they will execute, including any test data they will need to support those tests during this STLC phase. Although tests must finally confirm the regions covered by requirements, testers can utilise their skills and creativity to achieve this task. Join the Software Testing Online Course to learn more about Test case development at your flexible time.

Test Environment Setup

The test environment provides the setting for the actual Testing. This is an essential stage in the software testing life cycle; it requires help from other organisation members. As well as the application architecture needed to support the product, testers must have access to defect reporting tools. Testers may only be able to do their work with these components.

Test Execution

The complete evaluation of the product comes next in the software testing life cycle. Testers run every test case, or as many as possible in the allocated time, during this STLC stage. QA experts and automated scripts run a variety of functional and non-functional tests.


The most important phase in the software development process is software testing. It is not a single activity that happens immediately following the implementation of the code; rather, it is a component of each stage of the life cycle. Software development is only complete with software testing. Learn software testing to increase your career options. You will learn advanced concepts from the Best Software Testing Institute in Bangalore that will help you acquire your dream career.


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