Know About Foot Massage Therapy And Their Health Benefits

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We all work hard for all six days and wait for Sundays to relax. Working hard without any relaxation will make you weak physically and mentally. To get some relaxation we do things like meditation, yoga, drawing, sketching, cooking, baking, and so on. One among them is getting a massage. Massage not only benefits you physically, but it is also beneficial in mental health. Massages are of many types and some of them are Aromatherapy, Swedish, Thai, Balinese, Head, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and Shiatsu massage. If you are looking for a massage then get into the best Spa in Velachery. One of the popular spas in Velachery is Le Bliss Spa that offers you all massage and spa services at a reasonable price.  If you want to know about foot massage therapy and its health benefits read further this blog. 

What is a foot massage?

Massaging your feet will help you in many aspects.  Foots are a very essential part of our body that is responsible for locomotion. There are two kinds of foot massage one is a simple foot massage with mild pressure and another one is an advanced one with high pressure. The techniques involved in this foot massage are twisting, arch rubbing, bending the toe, spreading the foot, squeezing, knuckle, thumb work, pressing the pressure points, soothing in a circular motion, toe massage, and strokes. This foot massage has been used for many years for body and mind relaxation. There are many trigger points and almost 7000 nerves are in the foot. Massaging these nerves will remove the blockages in the energy channels and regulates the chakras in our body. Most of the time the foot massage is performed in hands but some therapists will use massage tools like massage roller, foot rub massage ball, foot massage stick, massage foam roller, and foot wakers. If you are planning to get the best foot massage in Chennai, then get into Le Bliss Spa Chennai. If you are planning to get the best foot Massage in Anna Nagar, then get into Le Bliss Spa.

Trigger points

Trigger points are nothing but the pressure points that promote the functioning of the organs. These trigger points are located all over the body surface. There are more than 20 trigger points located in the feet. Massaging these trigger points with a foot massage oil gives you many health benefits. Let’s discuss the pressure points in the feet. The Tai Chong is a pressure point that is located at the top side of the feet. It is exactly located between the first and the second toe finger. It helps in reducing headaches, stress, back pain, and tension. Zu Lin Qi is also called gall bladder 41 which is located between the fifth and the fourth toe finger. Giving pressure on this trigger point can help with chronic headaches and menstrual cramps. Giving pressure to the first toe finger will help you in the good functioning of the brain. It promotes blood supply and oxygen to the brain. Applying pressure on the second toe finger will help you in reducing neck pain and chronic body pain. The last three toe fingers are the pressure points for the sinus. Pressing on them will help you to overcome the sinus problem. 

Benefits of Foot Massage

There are many benefits of foot massage and let us discuss them further in this blog. Get into the Massage Spa in Anna Nagar and get delighted.

Improves Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation gives you a fifty percent healthy life. Improved  RBC count will make your immune power stronger. Massaging your feet 10 to 20 minutes before going to bed can calm down the nerves and also promotes blood circulation in the feet and all over the body. Increased blood circulation will be very helpful in diabetes.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Nowadays we all face lots of stress and tension in work which lead to blood pressure. Maintaining blood pressure is quite a difficult thing. Instead of taking medicine, you can take a foot massage in a professional spa. This will show you a gradual result in your blood pressure. Having a foot massage will decrease your stress and anxiety which will decrease your blood pressure.

Better sleep

When our sleep gets disturbed, it means that there are some energy blockages in our body. Only massages can relieve us from these blockages. The foot has many trigger points and every point is specific to an individual organ. Massaging the foot will relax the body mentally and physically which gives you a better sleep. 

Relieves Body pain

When we have a hard day, we will have body pain, head pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and leg pain. When you have muscle knots and the oxygen supply is less then, you will have body pain. Massaging our legs for 20 minutes will promote oxygen supply to the body cells. 

Reduce the effect of swelling

During the period of pregnancy, all the women will face the problem of swelling which is nothing but enlargement or an accumulation of fluid in a specific body part. Foot massage during pregnancy will give you a heavenly feel. By massaging the feet you will also get mind relaxation which will be very useful for pregnant women.

Faster recovery of foot injuries

The foot is very useful for locomotion. When we get foot pain or ankle injuries we suffer a lot to move around.  We will search for remedies on the internet or else consult a doctor. One of the best remedies for foot injuries is getting a foot massage. You can get this massage from an expert or you can perform it by yourself.  When you get a regular foot massage that will avoid ankle pain and foot injuries in the future.

Boost up energy

Fatigue is a major problem that most of us face. When the hormone secretion is less in our body it leads to body pain and fatigue. Foot massage will help you in the good secretion of hormones which boost up energy. During the pregnancy and menstrual period, women will feel tired often, if you get a foot massage, it will elevate your mood.

Improves Immune function

The increase in white blood cells can improve your immune system. White blood cells fight against the foreign virus and protect your body from diseases. Higher production of stress hormones will lead to most of the disease. Getting a foot massage will decrease the secretion of stress hormones. 

Keeps your feet healthier

A regular foot massage will avoid foot injuries and gives you healthy feet. It stimulates good blood circulation in the muscles near the feet, reduces stiffness, and removes ankle pain. A proper foot massage technique like ankle rotation, soothing massage will give you a healthy ankle and feet.

In this blog, you came across foot massage and its benefits. Have a regular foot massage before going to bed and have a healthy foot. If you are looking for a foot massage then get into the best Massage Centre in Chennai and get pampered. Le Bliss Spa is a Spa in Chennai where you can get all massage and spa services.  Book your appointment today and get delighted.