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How Organic Milk Differs From Conventional Milk?

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Milk is a nutritious beverage that is rich in nutrients and other vitamins. Organic milk is obtained from the cows that are raised in their natural behavior and with environment-friendly surroundings. It is said to be devoid of chemicals, pesticides, and other growth hormones. Hygenic milk in Chennai is obtained when the milking machine and storage equipment are kept in clean and good condition. Let us see the qualities of organic milk over conventional milk. 

High nutritional value:

Organic milk is more nutritious than regular milk. Both the milk tend to have omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. But the ratio of these two acids in the milk seems to be different. Organic milk has a healthier ratio of 3:1. Regular milk has an unbalanced ratio in which the contents of omega 6 are way higher than omega 3. This difference in ratio can be the cause of heart disease and diabetes. The higher amount of omega 6 present in the cow is due to the inorganic food fed by the cows. 

Presence of conjugated linoleic acid:

The conjugated linoleic acid is present in a good amount in the organic milk. This compound is present in a very low amount in regular milk. The CLC owes certain health benefits like controlling diabetes and losing weight. Milk suppliers in Chennai provide fresh milk as their customers prefer organic milk with high quality and health benefits. 

No use of drugs and hormones:

Regular milk is often treated with antibiotics and growth hormones for increased milk production. It is harmful to consume milk treated with chemicals. All these chemicals are absent in organic milk which makes it healthier for consumption. 

Reproduction methodology:

The conventional barns use reproductive hormones while breeding whereas the organic milk is cleared of such practices. Organic milk focuses on the natural methods of milk production. All these results in healthy milk that is richer and creamier. 

Preservation methodology:

The milk is passed through PHE pipelines and then child to 4 degrees celsius. This methodology preserves the taste quality and kills the harmful bacterias present in it. This is the pasteurization method that ensures that the milk is safe to consume.  

Thus the Organic milk in Chennai comes from a cow that is fed with good fodder and taken care of with utmost care. The happiest cows tend to be the healthiest cows.