Classification Of Metals and Mechanical Properties Of Building Materials

Classification Of Metals and Mechanical Properties Of Building Materials

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The materials or substances useful in the construction field are called engineering materials. The civil contractors in Chennai select construction materials based on the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the particular material. A few building contractors in Chennai The materials are classified into two parts, and they are metals and non-metals. Both metals and non-metals materials are used in construction.

Classification Of Metals and Non- metals

The metals are classified further into two different types of metals:


Ferrous metals are materials containing iron.

Non-ferrous metals are materials containing non-iron.

Non- metals

Polymers are known as types of plastic and thermoplastic, which are commonly used by architecture firms in Chennai for construction technology.

Ceramics are glass, cement and concrete, which are used in civil construction. 

The properties of the materials are as follows,

Mechanical properties 

The characteristic of materials that describe the behaviour under the action of external loads is referred to as mechanical properties. The common mechanical properties mainly focused on various categories as follows,

Strength is defined as the ability of the materials to resist loads. It is usually expressed in terms of the maximum load per unit area or maximum stress. The strength of the materials varies depending on the loading of the material. 

Stiffness is the ability of the material to resist deformation or deflection under load. Stiffness is measured by the modulus of elasticity. 

Elasticity is the ability of a material to control deformation and return to its original shape or new shape without any ruptures when the load is removed. 

Toughness is the ability of the material to absorb energy and offers resistance to breaking when force is applied.

Resilience is the property of a material to absorb energy and resist shock. It is measured by the amount of energy absorbed per unit volume. 

The hardness of the material is to resist stretching, which is directly related to strength.

These are the various features of mechanical properties. The machine parts are frequently subjected to varying stress, and it is important for any architects in Chennai to know the materials’ strength in such conditions.