Human Resource Management System

Allsec Technologies offers SmartHR – a complete Human Resource Management System that incorporates the HR functionalities and connects your organization and employees on one unique platform.

SmartHR is a Comprehensive HR Management System that unites all the features of an Employee Life Cycle from the Baseline to the Operation with its Robust Modules.

Modules of SmartHR are:

  • Induction and On-boarding
  • Attendance Management
  • Reports
  • Employee Posting
  • Leave Management
  • Performance Management
  • E-Seperation

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Beneficial GRE Recommendations

Find the Fragments of Sources about GRE

  • How much TOEFL scores are needed for getting TA position?

    Every university has their own norms when it comes to acquiring a TA position. For example in Ohio State University a TOEFL score of 28 in speaking is the basic requirement for getting a Teaching Assistantship. However this may not be the same for all other universities. One way you can find the requirements out, is by exploring the university websites or talking to Alumni from that particular University. Infact you can also mail the administration department of the University seeking for help. More often than not, they’ll respond with the exact information you are looking for.
  • Why does GRE demand a strong Vocabulary? Is it related to the fact that MS Aspirants need to have a strong GRE Vocabulary?There is a huge difference in the standard of English language between India and US. That is why we Indians find GRE Verbal to be very tough. GRE Verbal Practice Tests helps you for improving your communication skills and proving to the universities that you are eligible to study abroad where primary communication is going to be English
  • In terms of Verbal reasoning what is the difference between GRE & GMAT?GRE does not have sentence correction but GMAT has. In GMAT, 30% of questions comprise of critical reasoning but in GRE it is far less. There is also a difference in the RC format between GRE and GMAT. GMAT does not test vocabulary but GRE does.
  • Is it  Compulsory to take IELTS or TOEFL?IETLS and TOEFL are just english proficiency skill exams. Most universities will ask from IELTS/TOEFL score from all international applicants especially from countries that don’t have English as their national language.

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BPO Companies in India-A Bestow

Business process Outsourcing   is a Fragment of Outsourcing that involves the Bond of the operations and responsibilities of a specific Functionalities to a Service Provider. Initially, BPO was related to Manufacturing Bureau which outsources large Segments of its Supply Chain.

Typically Business Process Outsourcing is categorized into Back Office Outsourcing and Front Office Outsourcing. Outsourcing Back Office Services comprises of Internal Functionalities such as HR, Finance and Accounting. Front Office Outsourcing includes Customer related Contact Centre Services.

BPO Services which are undertaken outside the Country is called Offshore Outsourcing. BPO Services that are Undertaken by the Neighboring Country is called Near shore Outsourcing.

Business Processes are IT based and are referred to as ITES-BPO.ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Service. BPO is also sub-divided into Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Legal Process Outsourcing.

BPO Companies in India

In India, BPO is the fast growing division of the ITES field.

Factors like Business Risk Mitigation, Utilization Improvement, Cost Advantage and Superior Competency leads to the Massive growth of the Indian BPO industry.

In India, BPO Companies came into existence in 90’s has now grown by Leaps.

India is the world’s beneficial market for BPO companies, among other competitors like Philippines. The BPO in India is believed for Cheap costs and India has  highly skilled, English-speaking experts.

NASSCOM’s Research has revealed that Standard emplacement of BPO Companies, 24*7 Support, and Tax structure of India have all made our Nation, Very Popular among Other Nations.

Facts about BPO Industry

  • The BPO field in India is reckoning to have achieved a 54% of the Growth in Revenue.
  • The Desire for Indian BPO services has been increasing at an annual growth rate of 50%.
  • The BPO industry in India has offered jobs for more than 7 Lakh Indians.
  • 70% of India’s BPO’s revenue is from Call centers and 20% is from Data Entry process and the remaining 10% is from IT Related work.
  • BPO’s in India handle 56% of the World’s Business Process Outsourcing.

Advantages of BPO:

The main Reason for the Companies to outsource their business processes is simple.BPO enables business owners to reduce the Work Burden and concentrate on other vital  aspects of their Company.

Some of the Advantages of BPO include:

  1. Reduced Cost
  2. Experienced Professionals and Updated Resources
  3. Ability to Focus on Core Business
  4. Excellent Source of Customer Feedback
  5. Excellent Employment Opportunity


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Mobile Application Development: Benefits taking Android Training in Chennai

android training in chennaiAndroid is the fantastic mobile platform all around the globe. Millions of mobile devices in most of the countries using android platform, that power can’t be complete until mobile usage get stop. Android can get your mobile games, Movies, Apps, Books and same digital content. It’s such a good platform for starting your career in mobile application development. During the course of Android Training in Chennai, candidates can learn how to work in an effective way in development environment. They can learn some unique topics of android OS architecture, video playback, audio and how to maintain a massive number of languages. Candidates can get chances to learn Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, how to retrieve data from files and how to put up for sale their own developed applications in an Android market.

In this latest technology, just isn’t the similar from Android explode onto the prospect, and any person who spends their valuable time with other people can see that the passion with Android is real and it’s increasing. Here I have given the few advantages for Android developers.

Growing your skill set:

You may have a excellent programming skills, but Our Android Course in Chennai will help you to learn some new concepts in android and we have begin to teach from the basic concepts of android and principles, so that your knowledge will enhance in a right way along with it.

Working with Professional:

You will get chance to work with our professional android developers who working with years of experience in creating the android games and various apps that inspire you to create in our Android Training. If you work with experts you will learn how to mingle the scientific, technical knowledge with the creativity that’s mandatory to build games and apps that the open communities are drawn to. Most of the android developer have the imaginative side in there somewhere, build just require a bit coaching to be unleashed.

Career Boost:

Once you completed the valuable certification of Android Training Chennai and begin applying what you gain that your economic will get a good boost. You can get placement on a reputed IT company, or you can work as a freelancer and develop apps and games to advertise on the open android marketplace. Once you get the confidence to work alone using android platform with knowledge of our Android training you can be proud of yourself.

This technology is very important for developing your career values in this competitive world, so get ready to take Android training from the Best android Training Institute I  Chennai for details make call @ 98417-46595.

Benefits of Hiring SEO Services in Chennai

How SEO Company in Chennai makes sense to your Business

Basically Search Engine Optimization is one of the effective strategies, used to improve the website’s traffic essentially. Getting more potential traffic is the top most benefit of hiring SEO Services in Chennai. As a business lender you can save your expenses a lot while going with other strategies like Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Always inorganic traffic consumes more expenses when compared with organic. SEO divulges a massive and unique look for your website and makes it as the most populous among the search engines as well as visitors alike. Generally People hardly go past the first few pages of their search results, so that having presence on the first page makes sense to your business. With the assistance of SEO services it can be achieved effectively.

First of all each and every business lender should understand the conceptual value of marketing once they have committed to hire services from SEO Companies in Chennai. Pricing plays a vital role in all kind of services, so as a business lender you have to concentrate more on hiring services from SEO Company in Chennai. Let’s get the info about the necessity of hiring SEO Services, Hire PHP developers | Hire PHP Programmers

As mentioned earlier, SEO Services commonly assist your business to get develop rapidly while comparing with other medium. According to Google strategy, businesses which use web can grow faster. SEO is said to be an investment which will assist your business using the internet more efficiently as well as effectively & makes you to grab more return from your online spending.

Some of the people fail to set a realistic Marketing goal and budget. It is not possible to get more on your investment within a day. So you people are advised to don’t think that you will get 1000$ within a day after investing 100$, you have to analyse your business process logically. It’s purely depends on your industrial competition, length of time, market strategy and so on. You are also advised to pay more concentration while choosing the payment models, this will lead you to stay in a safe zone.

Software Testing Training in Chennai – Guidelines to Software Testing

software testing trainingSoftware testing training is definitely the best process for a novice learner to get a detailed idea of what actually is the testing process all about, how is it done and what are the requirements for conducting testing of software and much more. Software Testing is an important component of SDLC process and is very necessary to find out the reliability of the software in yielding the desired performance for user satisfaction. During the software testing training, the learners are given better understanding of how better software products can be given to the market through accurate testing methodologies and how to apply different strategies for variant software testing needs.

In the agile software development lifecycle, software testers work with coders to develop and deploy best performing application before the deadline. Thus, it increases the demand of trained and skilled software testing professionals. Software Testing Course in Chennai at FITA will help both freshers and experienced professionals to enter lucrative software testing domain with good salary package.

What is Test Case?

Test case defines the set of test inputs and execution conditions that a tester adopts to exercise evaluation process on the software to verify its compliance with a specific requirement.

Why Are These so Important for Software Testing Process?

Test cases are the inputs usually designed keeping in mind requirements of the system and hence, these help to find out whether the system performs accordingly to satisfy those requirements or not. It is these that help in defining the software evaluation process. These are the tools using which a tester performs evaluation process to remove maximum errors or bugs from the software.

Best Practices for Effective Test Case Designing

Designing effective cases is all about the skills and experience, the former of which can be achieved through proper software testing training. Joining a software testing course at a reputed institute offering training under the industry experts is the best way to learn the effective methods of software evaluation process. One can learn from the experts the most effective ways for creating these specific to the software requirements.

Following are a few practices that can help a beginner to design effective test cases. These practices are usually taught by the experts at the software training centers.

Keep It Simple, Clear & Concise

The best approach adopted to design test case for software evaluation is to keep it simple, clear and concise. Never use complicated terminology or words. Always use only simple assertive language like click on drop menu, go to test page etc. which can make understanding about the evaluation process much easier for a reader while can also help in faster execution of the process.

Best Way to Design is to Keep User in Mind

Never forget that its end users ultimately who are going to use the software. Hence, delivery of maximum user satisfaction with error-free software should be the motto of a tester. Therefore, cases should always be created from end user’s perspective.

No Scope for Assumption

Designing software evaluating conditions based on assumption of its functionality or features is a bad practice. Never assume, go through the specification documents before you design the test cases for the verification process.

Test Cases for a Complete Checking Process

The evaluating conditions should ensure complete checking which means software must be tested for all the requirements as mentioned in specification documents. Those which promote complete verification of the software are called the ideal inputs for an evaluation process.

Easy to Understand

Test cases should always be named with relevant and easily understandable names that are easy to recognize at the time of tracking defects or identifying a software requirement at a later stage of the process.

Reviewing is Important

There may be situation where sometimes your colleagues or seniors can track the bugs in these evaluation conditions which you may happen to miss out. Hence, in order to ensure that you have designed the best test cases for the software to be verified, get them reviewed by your seniors, friends or colleagues having good understanding of the evaluating process.

Hope my article, helped to understand the advantages of taking Software Testing Training in Chennai.

About the Author:

FITA is to Software Testing Training Institutes in Chennai offer 100% practical and job oriented testing training in Chennai.

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5 Top Job Opportunities after taking Hadoop Training in Chennai

5 top job opportunities after taking Hadoop trainingBig data handling and processing is one of the fastest growing domain in IT sector. As we all know, Apache Hadoop is most advanced big data processing architecture tool available in the market. It increases the career opportunity of Hadoop professionals. Several big companies are recruiting trained and skilled Hadoop professionals having string technical expertise in Hadoop Map Reduce, HDFS and entire Hadoop architecture. There are plenty job opportunities for Hadoop professionals ranging from Hadoop developers to data scientists. With these many opportunities, you can enter big data domain with lucrative salary package by taking Hadoop Training in Chennai.

5 Top Job Opportunities after Taking Hadoop Training:

In this article, we are going to discuss about 5 major job opportunities available for Hadoop professionals.

Hadoop Developers:

Job description of a Hadoop developer is to work with Hadoop coding and programming. These candidates need to have strong knowledge in core Java concepts, as Hadoop is fully written on Java programing language. Hadoop developers work same as the software developers.

Skills Required:

  • Experience in Pig Latin Script, Hive, Map Reduce, etc
  • Skills in Data loading tools like Flume and Sqoop

Hadoop Administrators:

Hadoop Administrators need to take care of Hadoop Architecture Administration. You need to have strong technical skills to work with Hadoop Clusters and handle various data processing tasks like recovery, maintenance and backup.

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge on Linux Operating System
  • Expertise in HCatalog, Oozie, Hive and Hbase

Hadoop Tester:

The key role of a Hadoop Tester is to find bugs, bottleneck issues and troubleshoot Hadoop application. Now, they work with Hadoop developers to validate the application after every module. Tester need to make sure that the application delivers incredible performance in every aspect.

Skills Required:

  • Skills on Map Reduce, MRUnit, Map Reduce JUnit and Hive.

Hadoop Architect:

The responsibility of Hadoop Architect is to design and plan Big Data Hadoop Architecture. They need to take care of developing Hadoop application based on the organizations data handling and processing needs. Hadoop Architect should be responsible for designing the Hadoop application and technical architecture.

Skills Required:

  • Strong Technical skills on Java, Map Reduce, HDFS and Hadoop Architecture
  • Expertise in Hive, Hbase and Pig

Data Scientist:

Data Scientist is highest grade in Hadoop technologies. Every Hadoop professionals are working hard to grab this prestigious job opportunity. The key responsibility include live data problem solving, data mining and modeling, big data patterned analysis, making intelligent process analysis.

Skills Required:

  • Understanding of Data Manipulation and Data Analysis
  • Strong Expertise on Pig, Hive, SPSS, SQL and SAS

Hope my article on 5 top job opportunities after taking Hadoop training will be extremely helpful for aspirants and professionals looking about career opportunity in Hadoop technology. On my personal note, it’s recommended to take Hadoop Training Chennai from reputed IT training institute like FITA Academy.

iPhone 6 strategy Apple will consider

As an Apple product fan, I have come up with a strategy which I guess Apple will take. But before that let us take a look at the previous launch.

The last quarter of the year 2013 saw a huge expectation on Apple products. The reason- A rumour about the introduction of low cost iPhone and a high end highly configured one. Well Yes. On 20th September 2013, Apple did just that but also brought a new twist. The bold and colourful move by Apple to retire iPhone 5 and introduce iPhone 5c, and an iPhone 5S with improved features along with iOS 7 created mixed emotions among all.

I love the way Apple wanted to retain the success of iPhone 5 by launching the colourful iPhone 5C. But here is the catch. Not many liked the move of Apple retiring a more sleek and beautiful iPhone 5 to introduce iPhone 5c in a colouful fashion. Also Apple did a terrible move of retaining iPhone 4S (8GB version). Infact millions of iPhone 5c are unsold and it would have been a great move if Apple had scrapped the iPhone 4S and relaunched iPhone 5 with lower version of memory along with the new products. Also what did Apple mean by launching a 39k phone as low cost?

The iPhone 5S was the star of the release. With features like the Touch ID, an additional Motion Co-Processor in the form of a powerful M7 chip, improved camera and a 64 bit A7 chip for powerful performance was more worthy than its colourful sibling. So Apple hit the nail on success with this phone though you need to shell out more for this(48k). Infact the colourful sibling cannot come near the Golden, Silvery and the Space Greyish 5S.

Apple did a great job in introducing iOS 7. It can be used from iPhone 4 onwards. I love the iOS 7. Matching a powerful processor for a superb performance, with all new Simple, detailed, design Apple stood strong on the looks and made it more beautiful to use the iPhone and make you fall in love with it. Though the icons look plasticky, they’re cool. On the features side, iOS 7 includes a new Control center, an enhanced notification center, a new look for multi-tasking from one app to another, an enhanced camera features(The Slow-Mo is damn cool i say) and the new Air-Drop using which you can send the photo you have to another iPhone in the vicinity via secured Wi-Fi or bluetooth is a plus for photo sharing. Apple does know how to design great hardware and software. Though a few glitches in the Touch ID and the security loop came up, Apple has addressed them in the recent version of iOS 7.1 gracefully.

Now coming back to the Strategy. Going by the leaks in internet, iPhone 6 is going to get slimmer, stronger(Sapphire screen rumoured) and a bit larger(With diagonal screen width expected to be in 4.7 inches) with all new Healthbook app which tracks your vital health signs, Apple is going to enter into the devices sector which will supplement its primary product. With a leak showing Apple’s iPhone 5c in 8GB(Yes, you read it right. A down sized memory) I am sure Apple is going to(or maybe) replace iPhone4S with the iPhone 5c and launch a Single version of iPhone rather than the previous launch of 2 versions. Apple must have learnt a hard lesson when its flagship colourful 5c didn’t take wings in terms of total sales(Most of iPhone sales is due to iPhone 5S and not 5c). Also the new iOS 8 is waiting to be launched as a support to the Health book, I am sure Apple will come with something innovative which will compete with Google glass or Samsung watch.

So let’s wait till September this year!!!

Ways to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online. I have been making money from most of the below methods.

Selling the space in your website to advertisers: You can sell the space in your website to advertisers. There are literally hundreds of online advertising networks that get the advertisements from thousands of advertisers and display it in your website. Based out of my experience, Google Adsense program is the best advertising network offering the highest Cost per Click leading to high revenue for you as a website owner. You could really make a living off your income just from ads revenue from Google Adsense. There are other alternatives like Chitika, Infolinks, AdBrite, Clicksor and You could also sell the space in your website directly to the advertisers.

Affiliates: You can be a partner or affiliate selling other’s product through your website. Affiliate marketing generally works on a commission basis. You get 4% to 70% commission on each sale. The percentage is determined by the type of product you choose. For instance, if you own a website related to New York, you can be an affiliate for hotel bookings in New York, Flight bookings from or to New York, books on New York and local tour packages in New York. There are affiliates for almost all kinds of websites.

Product or Service: Sell a product or offer a service through your website. For instance, if you are good at PHP and Photoshop, you could offer services like web design, Search Engine Optimization, Logo design and Banner design. May be if you have a family business you could offer the same service in your website and expand it phenomenally. The limitation with service industry is, the revenue is very much dependant on the number of customers or amount of time you spend. Revenue is linear. If you are earning $20 per hour offering a service like Web design, your earning potential is limited to $3200 per month (160 hours multiplied by $20). Of course, you can hire more people and increase the revenue. Or you could be an exceptional web designer that people are willing to pay you more to get your service, but at the end the business model is linear. I don’t mean to discourage you from getting into service based offering, just that product based offerings are far more profitable and has a higher Return on investment (ROI), most importantly, it can be quick. There are thousands of people and companies that are into service oriented business and are making millions of dollars a month.  One of my prime online revenue for me is still through my web solutions company – infiniX. Look for specific areas, where you can come up with a product. What I would like to emphasize at this moment is – there is a HUGE opportunity to earn money through your website by offering either a service or a product as a service.

Links: If you have pages in your website that has high page rank, you could place links of the other websites in this page and charge the website owners for each link. The links from your page/site are valuable because of the high page rank. Many website owners will be willing to pay for placing the links of their websites. I am yet to try this, but I have seen many website owners making a good residual income out of this.

eBook Creation: eBook publishing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are passionate about something and are willing to write it in a 40 to 60 page document, you are good to go. Let’s say, you are thrifty and have saved a lot of money being thrifty. You can write an eBook on how to get rich by being thrifty. Write it from your real life experience, which would be honest and hence appealing to the readers. You have to identify the topics that are really in demand. eBooks on how to make money, how to be a successful public speaker,  how to be more productive at work,  Jokes and how to attract women are always in demand. One huge advantage of writing an eBook is that, you don’t have to work hard to sell your eBooks. Your affiliates work hard to sell your eBook and you pay a commission to your affiliates for every sale they make.

Flipping Websites: Create a website, monetize it and then sell it. If your monthly revenue from the site is $40, you can sell the website at least for $960. Generally, websites can be sold for their 15 – 24 month revenue. There are portals like Flippa which you can use to sell your websites.  If you do not have time to create a website from the scratch, get a website from these type of portals and enhance the website. Once you see an increase the revenue you can sell it for a higher price.

If you had noticed, for all the income streams I have mentioned above, website is the key. You need a website to generate money online. The first step in creating a website is identifying the topic for your website. You have to check if there is a viable market for the topic you are going to deal with. You have to check if you will be able to survive the competition. The topic in which you are creating your website around, determines the success and failure of your business.

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