Things to know about Angular 5 and Angular 6

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We are all excited for welcoming the latest release in Angular 6. This new release simplifies Angular makes it easier and quicker. It helps to get a better life for developers. AngularJS is the popular framework which helps to develop mobile and web applications. The first release of angular allows you to focus bootstrap components with existing Angular application. Kickstart your career in this web development thorough AngularJS Training in Chennai, specialists approach is helpful to learn everything about web development. Here, we have explained the things to know about Angular 5 and Angular 6. Learn more and achieve more.

Angular 5

Angular 5 was introduced on November 1, 2017. It gives lots of benefits to web development.

HttpClient API

Angular 5 is one of the greatest anticipated changes from version 4.3. HttpClient is faster and secure than its predecessor. Application Program Interface comes with 4.3 version update.

Pros of HttpClient API

  1. Request objects were immutable
  2. With the use of Interceptors, you can insert into the pipeline
  3. JSON has now become an assumed default

Multiple Export Aliases

With the support of Angular 5, you can give multiple names to your directives and components while exporting.

Globalized Date and Currency Pipes

Angular 5 launches new pipes which help to deal with date and currency pipes. It also increases the standardization process on the web. AngularJS course in Chennai helps to learn everything about web and app development.

Build Optimization

As the name suggests, you can optimize your app by the size and speed. Angular 5 build crafts with Angular CLI.

Improved Decorator Support

Angular 5 helps decorators for lambdas. Programmers prefer lambda instead of proper functions with names.

Compiler Advancements

It supports to re-build the mobile and web application; it is used especially for production builds and compilations with AOT (Ahead of Time).

New release Angular 6

Angular 6 was introduced on May 4, 2018. It includes Angular CLI (Command Line Interface), Angular Material Package update and Component Development Kit (CDK). Learn the new versions and updates via Angular 6 Training in Chennai, each and everything about Angular has been explained clearly.

Angular Material Design Library

A new component is added in Angular Material Design and Component Dev. It helps you to visualize tree structures in a hierarchical order.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

CLI is now equipped ng-update command, it helps to update code and dependencies. ng-add helps to append the application features in CLI. All these commands help developers to choose ng-package for different libraries using Bazel tool.

Component Dev Kit (CDK)

CDK was released in December 2017. With this, you can build your own library for User Interface components. It supports for Responsive Web Design so you don’t need to prefer other libraries like Flex Layout.