Hydroponics – The prime method of cultivation

Hydroponics can be considered as the prime method of agriculture in India as well as in different parts of the world those are well known for agriculture as it requires only fewer amounts of water, labor and time when compared with other methods of cultivation. As the plants are grown directly in nutrient-mine rated water and without soil, hydroponics is helpful for many farmers who have no land on their own. They can do hydroponics in their home with a small number of plants. Cost of hydroponics in India cannot be afforded by all farmers as the initial payment required for hydroponics is little high in large-scale cultivation. But one can get double the amount of profit and yield if once the hydroponics system is installed. Weeding and re-planting or re-potting are not necessary for hydroponics farming system.

Hydroponics can be done all through the year and in all type of climate as in the hydroponic method of farming, the plants have good control over the various climatic conditions which include heat, cold and so on. Hydroponics can be considered as commercial farming as it gives commercial profit to the farmers. Hydroponics gives good yield throughout the year because all the nutrients and minerals are given directly to the roots so that the plants can concentrate more on their growth. All the minerals and nutrients are given only to the plants and there are no possibilities for the growth of weeds. It is beneficial to the farmers as there is no need for them to weed and re-pot the plants.

The Nft hydroponic system is another successful method in the field of hydroponics as water mixed with minerals and nutrients in equal proportion is recirculated continuously to the plants so that they get an equal amount of nutrients and also give the equal and good amount of yield. The medium chosen by the farmer for hydroponics is more important because it plays an important role in this method of farming. This medium should make the water drain into them properly and give necessary moisture to the plants all the time.

Hydroponics is a useful and attractive method of farming as it will inspire and tempt people to do their own home hydroponics. Hydroponic system design can be seen in all future farming centers as they practice all type of hydroponics there. Hydroponic kits can also be purchased from future farming centers where they give certain class regarding successful methods of practicing hydroponics by experts in this field. As soil is unnecessary for this method of agriculture one can do it easily in any place which he likes and the farmers don’t need to worry about infertility, more amount of water, infections by pests and many other problems faced by them in the ancient and normal method of agriculture.