Reasons why Selenium is used to test Python Web applications

At present, Python is the most popular programming language used widely by the developers. It allows programmers to develop a web application with very less time. Still, developers need to take care of its look and feel to increase its popularity and profitability. When comes to testing web applications, developers have numerous options to select, Selenium is a preferable test automation tool. Due to the advantages of selenium, most of the institutes include Selenium Course in Chennai. Let us discuss some of the reasons why selenium is used for testing Python Web applications.

Basic HTML Concepts

Selenium allows most of the programming language languages, but when testing a Python web applications selenium requires basic HTML concepts. To describe a web page, HTML is used and to represent the document individual HTML tags are required. HTML tags decide the appearance of the content in the web browsers. HTML elements or attributes are divided by Selenium into 3 distinct categories are single, group and customized. This helps the tester to find out the location of the bug since it locates the single element by their id, link, or link text.

Enable tester to address issues

As selenium create and execute test scripts quickly, QA Professionals are required to maintain the test cases. Selenium makes analyzers to conquer practicality issues by organizing the computerized test code using an example called page objects. The page objects concentrate on the structure of HTML code of a specific website page as instead of checking how the services are executed. In this manner, testers can take advantage of page objects to find the code effectively. As most Selenium code will be situated inside page objects, the testers can undoubtedly build the code base without including new Selenium code.

Gives Selenium Python API

As noted before, Python supports a few programming languages. So the testers have the choice to compose test scripts in Python. Additionally, they can utilize Selenium Python API to compose functional and acceptance tests by getting to Selenium Web Drivers like Chrome, Firefox, i.e., remote and phantomjs. The latest version of the API additionally supports different forms of Python including 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 2.7. It can further be gotten to just by downloading and introducing the Selenium Python ties. In this manner, an association can use the abilities to exist Python software engineers to perform acknowledgment and practical testing effectively.

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