iPhone 6 strategy Apple will consider

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As an Apple product fan, I have come up with a strategy which I guess Apple will take. But before that let us take a look at the previous launch.

The last quarter of the year 2013 saw a huge expectation on Apple products. The reason- A rumour about the introduction of low cost iPhone and a high end highly configured one. Well Yes. On 20th September 2013, Apple did just that but also brought a new twist. The bold and colourful move by Apple to retire iPhone 5 and introduce iPhone 5c, and an iPhone 5S with improved features along with iOS 7 created mixed emotions among all.

I love the way Apple wanted to retain the success of iPhone 5 by launching the colourful iPhone 5C. But here is the catch. Not many liked the move of Apple retiring a more sleek and beautiful iPhone 5 to introduce iPhone 5c in a colouful fashion. Also Apple did a terrible move of retaining iPhone 4S (8GB version). Infact millions of iPhone 5c are unsold and it would have been a great move if Apple had scrapped the iPhone 4S and relaunched iPhone 5 with lower version of memory along with the new products. Also what did Apple mean by launching a 39k phone as low cost?

The iPhone 5S was the star of the release. With features like the Touch ID, an additional Motion Co-Processor in the form of a powerful M7 chip, improved camera and a 64 bit A7 chip for powerful performance was more worthy than its colourful sibling. So Apple hit the nail on success with this phone though you need to shell out more for this(48k). Infact the colourful sibling cannot come near the Golden, Silvery and the Space Greyish 5S.

Apple did a great job in introducing iOS 7. It can be used from iPhone 4 onwards. I love the iOS 7. Matching a powerful processor for a superb performance, with all new Simple, detailed, design Apple stood strong on the looks and made it more beautiful to use the iPhone and make you fall in love with it. Though the icons look plasticky, they’re cool. On the features side, iOS 7 includes a new Control center, an enhanced notification center, a new look for multi-tasking from one app to another, an enhanced camera features(The Slow-Mo is damn cool i say) and the new Air-Drop using which you can send the photo you have to another iPhone in the vicinity via secured Wi-Fi or bluetooth is a plus for photo sharing. Apple does know how to design great hardware and software. Though a few glitches in the Touch ID and the security loop came up, Apple has addressed them in the recent version of iOS 7.1 gracefully.

Now coming back to the Strategy. Going by the leaks in internet, iPhone 6 is going to get slimmer, stronger(Sapphire screen rumoured) and a bit larger(With diagonal screen width expected to be in 4.7 inches) with all new Healthbook app which tracks your vital health signs, Apple is going to enter into the devices sector which will supplement its primary product. With a leak showing Apple’s iPhone 5c in 8GB(Yes, you read it right. A down sized memory) I am sure Apple is going to(or maybe) replace iPhone4S with the iPhone 5c and launch a Single version of iPhone rather than the previous launch of 2 versions. Apple must have learnt a hard lesson when its flagship colourful 5c didn’t take wings in terms of total sales(Most of iPhone sales is due to iPhone 5S and not 5c). Also the new iOS 8 is waiting to be launched as a support to the Health book, I am sure Apple will come with something innovative which will compete with Google glass or Samsung watch.

So let’s wait till September this year!!!