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Many college students have the civil service exam as their first career choice. Becoming an administrative officer is not easy, but you can achieve by following some tips.

Tips no 1:

First of all what you want to have is an eagerness to shine and to hold your dream alive by working towards your dream. “Yes, I want to be an IAS Officer, and you should work hard for it from this second.” If you think this value is filled with you, very powerfully, continue reading the following tips.

Tips no 2:

Gather all info about the IAS Exam. It will be Civil Services Aptitude Test in place of the current Preliminary Exam. Those who clear the CSAT will be qualified for the Civil Services Main Exam followed by the interview round.

Tips no 3:

Start to read an English newspaper on an everyday basis and do it as a routine to write notes on significant news reports. Buy one Year Book, published by Publications Government of India.

Tips no 4:

Choose a Good Coaching Centre like IAS Academy in Chennai, that offers you excellent teachers, study material, plan and above all good classmates. Start your IAS training class from May, if possible.

Tips no 5:

Have a perfect study plan. As per the exam pattern which is being changed with the establishment of Civil Service Aptitude Test, it is better to finish the entire syllabus of the Mains before January. From January, your entire time should be spent for CSAT.

Tips no 6:

After CSAT, the preparation should be constant without any pause. The following five months will be very crucial than months before to the CSAT and training should be at the full time. After the main exam, interview preparation should start.

Tips no 7:

There will be an attraction to give up the voyage as you grow in the training. This is mostly due to the vast syllabus and the accruing pressure. But be conscious that these are serious minutes in civil service preparation. You should face all these burdens with courage. Be strong-minded to clear the examination in the first effort. Narrow down your preparation on the above tips and successfully clear the IAS Exam.

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