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Mud contains vital minerals that help in absorbing toxins from our body which consists of many impurities. Mud has been used as a therapeutic agent for various health conditions. Many references are also available in our ancient texts including the epics in which you will find the various usages of this mud nature element. That’s why people considering mud Massage in Chennai therapy to be a significant treatment modality in naturopathy. There are many aliments that can be healed with this old technique.

Tummy trouble is cured by this mud massage therapy technique. Mud therapy is used to reduce stomach ache, gas, constipation by applying a mud pack in our abdomen which facilitates our digestion and also regulates the muscular movements of your gastrointestinal tract and decreases the intestinal heat. When the mud pack is applied on the lower abdomen, it helps in curing diarrhoea while using it on the chest may relieve nausea. This mud process should take up to 30-40 minutes on the belly region. Most of us faced today problem is Aching head. By applying the cooling pack of a mud, the cooling effect of a mud pack does the trick in case of a headache. It should be applied on the forehead. This process involves by soaking the mud in water for 30 minutes and lather it evenly on a wet cloth. Mud therapy also prevents the Shrinking vision and also this mud therapy provides relaxation to your eyes. It is also used in curing eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, haemorrhage, stye and glaucoma.

The therapy can be beneficial for those sitting in front of the computer for long hours. This process can be done by making the mud pack and keep it on your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes in which the thickness to half an inch and also helps in bringing down your temperature in case of high fever. You should apply the mud pack on your forehead to reduce high temperature. Mud massage is used for a great stress reliever and also relieve pain and it eliminates worries, stress, and anxiety and depression by increasing your blood circulation. Naturopaths suggest this massage SPA in Chennai therapy to the patient in case of chronic stress and depression for twice a week and also patient should avoid this massage therapy if you have open cuts and sores, cardiovascular diseases or a sensitive skin. It is the best massage treatment for skin.

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