The oil coconut is extracted from the coconut. Inside the coconut, it contains a white meat. From that white meat, the oil is extracted and also from the kernel. The coconut scientific name is Cocos nucifera. The coconut flour has flowered in the coconut tree, and the coconut has been harvested for the 10 to 12 months. The coconut oil is related for many of the industries like food, medicine, health, and beauty. Use a natural oil product like Marchekku oil in Chennai is the best dealer product for a healthy and beneficial life.

In the edible oils, coconut oil is one of the forms of edible oil. The coconut oil contains saturated fat for 90%, monounsaturated fat for 6%, and polyunsaturated fats for 35% are placed in coconut oil. This kind of fatty acids is made up of medium chain fatty acids. In a normal room temperature, all form of natural oils is stable. But the form of coconut oil is more stable when we compared with other oils because it has the acid that is medium chain fatty acids.


The coconut oil contains the lauric acid and it helps to use for the many products of medicinal. The coconut oil helps to maintain the metabolism and the blood level and it has the capability to cure. Generally, using the coconut oil regularly, it helps to makes our immune system very strong and also it helps to protect from the heart diseases. The coconut oil has the power of absorption and also it helps to maintain the process of digestive and nutritional. For the people, who have dry skin problems, the oil of coconut that helps to reduce the problem of itching by applying it regularly. The coconut oil contains the anti-oxidant. Every age of people can use coconut oil for hair and it helps to supports the scalp healthy and the hair.


The ingredient of the coconut oil is used to make the production of soap. It helps and leads to moisturize the problem of skin for the dry skin. The marks of the stretch would be removed by using regularly the coconut oil. The oil coconut is used for the massaging process and it helps to make our skin silky, soft, shiny, and more beauty.

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