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Six Golden Tips to Crack GRE Test

  1. Troubling with Differentiating X-axis from Y-axis? Go back to School. Stick to the Basics.
  2. As GRE Quant is not advanced than the Math Questions found in SAT, Concentrate more on GRE Verbal Part. Make sure that you are aware of 3500+ GRE Words.
  3. Take a GRE Prep Courses in an Authorized training Institute.
  4. Take a GRE Practice Test frequently!
  5. Don’t like your GRE score? Take it again. You can take GRE Five times and You have access to send your Desired and the Best GRE Score through the ScoreSelect Option.
  6. Take a tough GRE Verbal Practice

Can I get scholarship even if I get a less score around 290?

Scholarships are offered to only a handful of students. It depends on a multiple factors in which GRE score is just one factor. Apart from GRE score the other factors include:

Academic Achievements – CGPA, Paper presentations, publishing, Projects, work experience etc – Its is said to have 25-30% weightage

SOP & LOR – Statement of purpose and Letter or recommendation.

Statement of purpose is a one pager document that describes yourself and explains the reason to choose a particular university.

Letter of Recommendation – Recommendation letter given by your professor, project guide or manager describing your strengths. You will have to get 3 LORs to apply for a university.

Course you are applying : If the department under the university is well funded, then your scholarship chances are higher.

Also, PhD students get more scholarships than MS students.

However, to answer your question, GRE score has a higher weightage compared to other factors mentioned above. It would be better to prepare for GRE again get a high GRE score this time (At Least 305+).

Simultaneously, develop all other factors to the best level possible.

Can you tell us how to manage time for GRE Test Preparation?

It depends person to person completely. In general, you should learn to prioritise tasks. This proves to be very effective in the long run as you can devote your time accordingly. Your grasping power plays an important role in this, try to focus and concentrate in that particular time of studying. Try to balance out your competencies like, if you are good in quants then try to make your verbal strong too, this helps a lot at the time of execution.

How many hours should we dedicate for GRE preparation in a day?

Depends on how much time you can devote. If you can grasp faster, then daily on an average one hour is more than enough. In case you are working professional, then on weekends you can devote four to five hours taking into consideration the fact that you take ample amount of time GRE to prepare everything. It also depends on what type of medium you choose to prepare is it self, online or coaching institute. All of these factors combined determine how many hours you put in.

Sir, how must we identify the main idea in a very long passage having 4-5 paragraphs?

The trick to cracking RC lies in two steps.

Comprehending the passage

Using critical reasoning to answer it

Understanding the passage is two-third of the job done.

To understand an RC passage, you must realise that every RC passage has a predictable structure, irrespective of the topic.

It contains two main components – thesis statements and supporting ideas.

The thesis statement represents the basis on which the passage is written such as author’s opinion or belief,

a strong, assertive statement,

a concluding statement,

a new idea such as find a new type of cell,

critical findings – For Eg: if the passage talks about rocks in the Arctic region, if it mentions that the isotopes in the rocks matches those found in a comet, then that is a critical finding crucial to the passage.

Note of warning from the author – Eg: if the passage warns against the negative consequences of a depleting water table.

Thesis statements have to be supported by supporting ideas – using examples or counterexamples or comparisons It could also use unique aspect of findings to highlight the thesis statement. If the author has provided his/her personal opinion, then it will be followed by a justification the author’s view

GREedge Pro Tip: Always guess what the author is trying to say next and why is he saying it, like a suspense movie.

Also, guess why a specific word/phrase is used in the passage. It will help answer questions based on context.

With ample practice, you’ll be able to spot the trends.

What do you think a basic difference between a ivy league school and a common school ? What make ivy leagues so special ?

About Ivy league should be known first, what it is? Ivy league was basically an sports event which started in US in between colleges. At that time some colleges became a part of it, which are now popularly known as Ivy league. People think this group as only top Universities is a myth and there are plenty apart from this, it’s just that these Universities have gained huge recognition over a period of time. So, it completely depends upon your choice of location and program you want to pursue. Therefore, there are schools apart from Ivy League which are also of same value and standard.

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