Effective ways to prepare current affairs for UPSC Exam

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Today’s current affairs UPSC have become very important for the examination of UPSC. Most of the questions have been asked in Prelims, Mains, and interviews from the current affairs. You have to focus on this section as well. If you prepared this section and the other sections very well, you can easily crack the exam. So, every aspirant should prepare this section very carefully.┬áIn this article, you will learn the effective ways to prepare current affairs for exam.

What are Current Affairs and Why is it important?

It can be anything important related to the syllabus and news. Any government policy, program, achievement. Anything important related to India and the whole world. UPSC always likes to check the awareness of students of their surroundings. Current happenings are very much related to the governance of which you are going to be part, so it is in the interest of UPSC.

How to prepare for current affairs?

Step 1: Try to read only the newspaper- Hindu/ Indian Express. Also, try to make note of it. Not more than one page every day. Just make notes for the prelims exam. You have to note down important places, news, events, policies, programs, any schemes given by the government. You have to make notes of the national parks, Ramsar sites, etc in the news. With this daily can follow any online medium for eg. Current affairs vision IAS. They give current affairs. You have to make notes every day from a prelims point of view. This will cover your current affairs.

Step 2: You have to cover all the current affairs of the month. Here one should read any monthly magazine. This will cover all the news not covered by our daily notes. Mainly environment and science and coverage of entire current affairs.

Some Precautions:

Strictly adhere to the syllabus while preparing for current affairs. It is important to cover each and everything of current affairs, but you should go for the maximum. Limited sources are best, you should add more sources according to your time.

Thus all of the above some tips for Current affairs for UPSC. There are some limited sources for preparing. Moreover, if you have any confusion about any topic of the section, just google it. Hope this would help you. All the best!