Fundamentals of Programming with C # and .NET Platform

dot net training

Should you learn .NET and, how big is it, do not know where to start? Have you programmed in C, C ++, Visual Basic 6.0 or some “old language” (what times!) And now you are with .NET for the first time? Then this Dot Net Training is for you.

The .NET platform is very large. It has literally thousands of specialized classes. It is also possible to develop all types of applications with it: desktop, web, mobile, cloud, services … That is why when you study your study the most difficult is to answer the question: where do I start and what do I focus on?

The goal of this Dot Net Training in Chennai is to provide you with the best possible foundation on the C # language and .NET platform, reaching a medium level of knowledge.

At the end of the course you will have solid knowledge of everything that is important in the language and platform, regardless of the type of applications you want to develop later. This course will allow you to start and get a good level with the C # language and the .NET platform.

At the end of this complete course you will master the C # language and main aspects of the .NET platform, and in particular:

  • You will understand the .NET platform and its main components: CLR, CLI, MSIL, BCL, namespaces, assemblies…
  • You will discover the fundamentals of working with C # language: data types, identifiers, expressions, types by value and reference, conversions, operators, work with arrays…
  • Flow control mechanisms in C #: conditionals, determined and indeterminate loops, cases, etc…
  • Object oriented programming with C #: classes, constructors and destructors, properties, encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, static classes…
  • Methods and functions: definition of methods and functions, accessibility and scope, partial classes and methods, extension methods, delegates and events …
  • Structures, interfaces and other advanced concepts: structures, enumerations, interfaces and their use in the real world, regular expressions, advanced format of strings …
  • Managing Errors and Exceptions: Structured Exception Management
  • Creation and use of generic types
  • Collections in .NET: storage of information in memory, types of collections, basic collections, specialized collections, generic collections, definition of own collections and iterators …
  • For the course development the Visual Studio programming environment is used, which you can use for free to create all kinds of applications.

This comprehensive Dot Net course in Chennai has a wealth of theoretical material, clear explanations of concepts, downloadable examples, and a multitude of practices proposed to reinforce knowledge, and more than 10 hours of practical video demonstrations.

Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai


An employee counts Indian currency notes at a cash counter inside a bank in Kolkata June 18, 2012. The Indian rupee gained in early trade on Monday as risk assets rallied after Greece elections gave a slim majority to pro-bailout parties, with the focus shifting to the central bank policy decision later in the day. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS)

In India, there are many banks are available like Nationalized banks, Rural Banks, Public Sector Banks, Private Banks and Reserve Bank of India. These banks are recruiting the candidates year by year via online exams. They are many Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai teach ideas to crack the exam.

Nationalized Bank

The nationalized banks start at the year 1955, the banks are all under the Indian Government and the reserve bank of India (RBI).

Public Sector Bank

The Public Sector banks are having the majority of stake more than 50% held by a government.

List of Nationalized banks and public sector Banks in India

Nationalized Banks Public Sector Banks
Allahabad Bank Axis Bank
Andhra Bank Bandhan Bank[3]
Bank of India Catholic Syrian Bank
Bank of Baroda City Union Bank
Bank of Maharashtra Dhanlaxmi Bank
Canara Bank DCB Bank
Central Bank of India Federal Bank
Corporation Bank HDFC Bank
Dena Bank HSBC Bank
Indian Bank ICICI Bank
Indian Overseas Bank IDFC Bank
Oriental Bank of Commerce Karnataka Bank
Punjab & Sindh Bank IndusInd Bank
Punjab National Bank Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Syndicate Bank Karur Vysya Bank
UCO Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank[4]
Union Bank of India Lakshmi Vilas Bank
United Bank of India Nainital Bank
Vijaya Bank RBL Bank
Other public sector banks South Indian Bank
IDBI Bank Yes bank
Bharatiya Mahila Bank Citi Bank

Rural Bank

The rural banks are located in different states of India. This type of banking is started for to serve the rural areas financially. They are fifty six rural banks in India under control of ReservBank of India.

Bank Recruitment 2016

There are many vacancies in the bank available, the candidates who are looking for the bank jobs Visit the IBPS website for the upcoming bank exams, they are conducting common written exam (CWE) every two times. Based on the performance the candidates are recruiting. Already the IBPS clerk exam online registration will be started. The IBPS PO Exam also notification will be announced soon.

Bank Coaching Centres in Chennai tips for the candidate who are going to write exam in 2016: In every Bank Coaching Centres in Chennai are helping the candidates to write the exam with clear in all subjects and patterns like aptitude (Numerical and Reasoning), current affairs and English Vocabulary.

  • Read The Daily News Paper
  • Practice the aptitude from R.S. Agarwal Book
  • Learn basic English Grammar
  • Learn the materials given by the Coaching Centers.

Mobile Application Development: Benefits taking Android Training in Chennai

android training in chennaiAndroid is the fantastic mobile platform all around the globe. Millions of mobile devices in most of the countries using android platform, that power can’t be complete until mobile usage get stop. Android can get your mobile games, Movies, Apps, Books and same digital content. It’s such a good platform for starting your career in mobile application development. During the course of Android Training in Chennai, candidates can learn how to work in an effective way in development environment. They can learn some unique topics of android OS architecture, video playback, audio and how to maintain a massive number of languages. Candidates can get chances to learn Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, how to retrieve data from files and how to put up for sale their own developed applications in an Android market.

In this latest technology, just isn’t the similar from Android explode onto the prospect, and any person who spends their valuable time with other people can see that the passion with Android is real and it’s increasing. Here I have given the few advantages for Android developers.

Growing your skill set:

You may have a excellent programming skills, but Our Android Course in Chennai will help you to learn some new concepts in android and we have begin to teach from the basic concepts of android and principles, so that your knowledge will enhance in a right way along with it.

Working with Professional:

You will get chance to work with our professional android developers who working with years of experience in creating the android games and various apps that inspire you to create in our Android Training. If you work with experts you will learn how to mingle the scientific, technical knowledge with the creativity that’s mandatory to build games and apps that the open communities are drawn to. Most of the android developer have the imaginative side in there somewhere, build just require a bit coaching to be unleashed.

Career Boost:

Once you completed the valuable certification of Android Training Chennai and begin applying what you gain that your economic will get a good boost. You can get placement on a reputed IT company, or you can work as a freelancer and develop apps and games to advertise on the open android marketplace. Once you get the confidence to work alone using android platform with knowledge of our Android training you can be proud of yourself.

This technology is very important for developing your career values in this competitive world, so get ready to take Android training from the Best android Training Institute I  Chennai for details make call @ 98417-46595.

Software Testing Training in Chennai – Guidelines to Software Testing

software testing trainingSoftware testing training is definitely the best process for a novice learner to get a detailed idea of what actually is the testing process all about, how is it done and what are the requirements for conducting testing of software and much more. Software Testing is an important component of SDLC process and is very necessary to find out the reliability of the software in yielding the desired performance for user satisfaction. During the software testing training, the learners are given better understanding of how better software products can be given to the market through accurate testing methodologies and how to apply different strategies for variant software testing needs.

In the agile software development lifecycle, software testers work with coders to develop and deploy best performing application before the deadline. Thus, it increases the demand of trained and skilled software testing professionals. Software Testing Course in Chennai at FITA will help both freshers and experienced professionals to enter lucrative software testing domain with good salary package.

What is Test Case?

Test case defines the set of test inputs and execution conditions that a tester adopts to exercise evaluation process on the software to verify its compliance with a specific requirement.

Why Are These so Important for Software Testing Process?

Test cases are the inputs usually designed keeping in mind requirements of the system and hence, these help to find out whether the system performs accordingly to satisfy those requirements or not. It is these that help in defining the software evaluation process. These are the tools using which a tester performs evaluation process to remove maximum errors or bugs from the software.

Best Practices for Effective Test Case Designing

Designing effective cases is all about the skills and experience, the former of which can be achieved through proper software testing training. Joining a software testing course at a reputed institute offering training under the industry experts is the best way to learn the effective methods of software evaluation process. One can learn from the experts the most effective ways for creating these specific to the software requirements.

Following are a few practices that can help a beginner to design effective test cases. These practices are usually taught by the experts at the software training centers.

Keep It Simple, Clear & Concise

The best approach adopted to design test case for software evaluation is to keep it simple, clear and concise. Never use complicated terminology or words. Always use only simple assertive language like click on drop menu, go to test page etc. which can make understanding about the evaluation process much easier for a reader while can also help in faster execution of the process.

Best Way to Design is to Keep User in Mind

Never forget that its end users ultimately who are going to use the software. Hence, delivery of maximum user satisfaction with error-free software should be the motto of a tester. Therefore, cases should always be created from end user’s perspective.

No Scope for Assumption

Designing software evaluating conditions based on assumption of its functionality or features is a bad practice. Never assume, go through the specification documents before you design the test cases for the verification process.

Test Cases for a Complete Checking Process

The evaluating conditions should ensure complete checking which means software must be tested for all the requirements as mentioned in specification documents. Those which promote complete verification of the software are called the ideal inputs for an evaluation process.

Easy to Understand

Test cases should always be named with relevant and easily understandable names that are easy to recognize at the time of tracking defects or identifying a software requirement at a later stage of the process.

Reviewing is Important

There may be situation where sometimes your colleagues or seniors can track the bugs in these evaluation conditions which you may happen to miss out. Hence, in order to ensure that you have designed the best test cases for the software to be verified, get them reviewed by your seniors, friends or colleagues having good understanding of the evaluating process.

Hope my article, helped to understand the advantages of taking Software Testing Training in Chennai.

About the Author:

FITA is to Software Testing Training Institutes in Chennai offer 100% practical and job oriented testing training in Chennai.

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5 Top Job Opportunities after taking Hadoop Training in Chennai

5 top job opportunities after taking Hadoop trainingBig data handling and processing is one of the fastest growing domain in IT sector. As we all know, Apache Hadoop is most advanced big data processing architecture tool available in the market. It increases the career opportunity of Hadoop professionals. Several big companies are recruiting trained and skilled Hadoop professionals having string technical expertise in Hadoop Map Reduce, HDFS and entire Hadoop architecture. There are plenty job opportunities for Hadoop professionals ranging from Hadoop developers to data scientists. With these many opportunities, you can enter big data domain with lucrative salary package by taking Hadoop Training in Chennai.

5 Top Job Opportunities after Taking Hadoop Training:

In this article, we are going to discuss about 5 major job opportunities available for Hadoop professionals.

Hadoop Developers:

Job description of a Hadoop developer is to work with Hadoop coding and programming. These candidates need to have strong knowledge in core Java concepts, as Hadoop is fully written on Java programing language. Hadoop developers work same as the software developers.

Skills Required:

  • Experience in Pig Latin Script, Hive, Map Reduce, etc
  • Skills in Data loading tools like Flume and Sqoop

Hadoop Administrators:

Hadoop Administrators need to take care of Hadoop Architecture Administration. You need to have strong technical skills to work with Hadoop Clusters and handle various data processing tasks like recovery, maintenance and backup.

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge on Linux Operating System
  • Expertise in HCatalog, Oozie, Hive and Hbase

Hadoop Tester:

The key role of a Hadoop Tester is to find bugs, bottleneck issues and troubleshoot Hadoop application. Now, they work with Hadoop developers to validate the application after every module. Tester need to make sure that the application delivers incredible performance in every aspect.

Skills Required:

  • Skills on Map Reduce, MRUnit, Map Reduce JUnit and Hive.

Hadoop Architect:

The responsibility of Hadoop Architect is to design and plan Big Data Hadoop Architecture. They need to take care of developing Hadoop application based on the organizations data handling and processing needs. Hadoop Architect should be responsible for designing the Hadoop application and technical architecture.

Skills Required:

  • Strong Technical skills on Java, Map Reduce, HDFS and Hadoop Architecture
  • Expertise in Hive, Hbase and Pig

Data Scientist:

Data Scientist is highest grade in Hadoop technologies. Every Hadoop professionals are working hard to grab this prestigious job opportunity. The key responsibility include live data problem solving, data mining and modeling, big data patterned analysis, making intelligent process analysis.

Skills Required:

  • Understanding of Data Manipulation and Data Analysis
  • Strong Expertise on Pig, Hive, SPSS, SQL and SAS

Hope my article on 5 top job opportunities after taking Hadoop training will be extremely helpful for aspirants and professionals looking about career opportunity in Hadoop technology. On my personal note, it’s recommended to take Hadoop Training Chennai from reputed IT training institute like FITA Academy.