GRE – Your Ticket for Going Abroad

For most of us, getting an education abroad as a prestigious university is the dream. It’s the goal. The fall semester is what we’re looking at. But how do we get there? The GRE exam is your ticket to fulfilling your dream. Thus, taking the GRE exam should be your focus right now. The first step to scoring high on the exam is preparing well. There are several GRE prep courses online and offline available today. While offline courses might have been the traditional choice to make, the GRE prep courses online are rapidly growing in popularity.

The number one reason people are choosing to do their GRE prep courses online is the flexibility it offers. You can do your prep anywhere, anytime. This cannot be achieved in an offline course. Those that have done their GRE prep courses online have found that they were able to study better because they were studying as per their convenience when the mood hit them.

Besides the flexibility, another advantage of doing your GRE prep online courses is that they can be tailored to suit your needs. You can design your GRE prep courses online to focus on those areas you’re weaker in and revise those you’re more confident about. Unsure of your strengths and weaknesses? A diagnostic test can help you out there.

Make a dedicated study plan and stick to it. Regardless of whether you’re doing your GRE prep courses online or offline, there is no substitute for dedication. Taking full-length GRE tests is an absolute must if you want that high score. It will give you a real feel for the actual exam and that will give you a psychological advantage. Doing your GRE prep courses online means you will have gotten accustomed to the computer-style test that is the GRE.

Getting to your dream university is no mean feat but it is definitely achievable with the right planning. A GRE Online Preparation course will give you several advantages in this regard and will make your journey that much easier. Nevertheless, a GRE prep courses online, while a definite boon will be of no use if it is not matched with dedication. So work hard and let the results speak for it. Good luck!

Gre Prep Courses  Guidances

Paper-based GRE Test are offered in cities where computer-based test is not available. Each and every Test Centers has different Test Dates. Check the Score Report Mailing Date whilst selecting the Date for writing Test. One can take GRE once in 30 days and not more than 5 Months within a Year of time. This is applicable even if you canceled your scores on a test taken before. Considering Paper based GRE Test, you can take it as often as it is offered.

What is the best time to give GRE?

The best time to give your GRE is during the month of September or earlier for fall and during the month of July or earlier for Spring semester. Thes reason behind this is because, for spring, you have a majority of the university deadlines coming in the month of August and September. For example, universities like University of Houston, Northeastern University, University of Texas-Arlington, University of Texas Dallas etc. have their deadlines in the months specified earlier for spring. This essentially gives you a month or two to prepare for other parts of your application like your SOP, LOR, resume etc. The spring admission timeline is always tight, for almost all applicants so it is vital for students to collect the documents necessary simultaneously while preparing for GRE. It is better to give the GRE during the month of August for fall because priority deadlines comes in the month of October for most of the universities specifying a separate priority deadline for the scholarship application. This again gives you 2 months time (slightly more spaced out than spring) to prepare for other parts of your application.

I cleared my 2nd year of Now I am entering the 3rd year. Is it the right time to take GRE preparation now?

Yes , this is the perfect time for you take the GRE preparation as you will have an ample amount of time to prepare for it which will ultimately lead to your high score. The benefits are that you will have two years in your hand to complete your college and then go for further studies, so in this time you can prepare at your own pace and can even attempt GRE more than once. If you are not satisfied with your first score you can attempt GRE again and then apply for foreign universities when you are satisfied with your score that matches your aspirations.

I’m quite comfortable with Quant. Need suggestions in boosting my verbal score.  Is knowing 2000 words a compulsion to score well in verbal ?

Though knowing words is definitely a requirement when it comes to scoring well in the verbal section, it is not enough if you are just strong with the vocabulary. GRE tests your contextual understanding more than the meaning of the word itself. There are people who don’t learn 2000 words but still end up scoring 160 or more in the verbal section. Note that not everyone can do that since the people who end up doing it are either already comfortable with the language or are native English speakers. Having said that, there are a lot of apps from which you can learn 2000 to 3000 words also. For example, the WordBot that was launched by GREedge is one of the apps in which you can find a lot of GRE words organized in a way that it becomes easier to memorize. As I said even with the help of this app, it is up to you to practice using the words in the context to truly see how comfortable you are with the Sentence Equivalence and Text completion questions, since they make up about 50% of the verbal section

So, for every university will we have to spend $200 separately as entrances ??

The GRE exam fees is $205. In this $205 you can send your scores to four universities and thereafter for each application you fill you have to pay a fee to send your GRE scores to the university. The option to send the scores to the four universities are provided to you at either the moment when you finish your exam and get your score or you can also choose to send them later and then send them after giving the exam if you haven’t shortlisted your scores.

With a pretty okay CGPA but a good GRE score, can I get an admission in an ivy league university?

The definition of a “pretty okay” CGPA varies from person to person. When it comes to getting admits from top universities like Ivy Leagues, your academic background is of high importance. But if you don’t have a great academic profile and enough research papers/background work, you can make up for it in terms of your GRE score and other co-curricular/extracurricular activity such as participating in or organizing tech/cultural fests. You still can carry out your research oriented activities by talking to a professor or taking up courses at edX, coursera etc. It might be difficult to get into an Ivy League with not so impressive academic profile but you can make up for it with a brilliantly written SOP.

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Beneficial GRE Recommendations

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  • How much TOEFL scores are needed for getting TA position?

    Every university has their own norms when it comes to acquiring a TA position. For example in Ohio State University a TOEFL score of 28 in speaking is the basic requirement for getting a Teaching Assistantship. However this may not be the same for all other universities. One way you can find the requirements out, is by exploring the university websites or talking to Alumni from that particular University. Infact you can also mail the administration department of the University seeking for help. More often than not, they’ll respond with the exact information you are looking for.
  • Why does GRE demand a strong Vocabulary? Is it related to the fact that MS Aspirants need to have a strong GRE Vocabulary?There is a huge difference in the standard of English language between India and US. That is why we Indians find GRE Verbal to be very tough. GRE Verbal Practice Tests helps you for improving your communication skills and proving to the universities that you are eligible to study abroad where primary communication is going to be English
  • In terms of Verbal reasoning what is the difference between GRE & GMAT?GRE does not have sentence correction but GMAT has. In GMAT, 30% of questions comprise of critical reasoning but in GRE it is far less. There is also a difference in the RC format between GRE and GMAT. GMAT does not test vocabulary but GRE does.
  • Is it  Compulsory to take IELTS or TOEFL?IETLS and TOEFL are just english proficiency skill exams. Most universities will ask from IELTS/TOEFL score from all international applicants especially from countries that don’t have English as their national language.

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