Basic HTML Tags used for Search Engine Optimization Purpose

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In the recent days, preference of SEO services has been increased enormously. With the assistance of search engine optimization, anyone can improve their website’s visibility on online. Once your website has ranked on the top results of SERP – Search Engine Results Page, surely you will get more traffic effectively. If you are the person who is familiar in search engine optimization then you can handle your website’s SEO activities. In case, if you are not familiar with SEO process then you are advised to choose SEO Company in Chennai, India to improve your website’s traffic. Let’s get the details about some of the basic HTML tags used in Search Engine Optimization process:


Meta Description

Meta Keywords



Alt tag



Basically Title tag is required in all kinds of HTML documents and it will be act as title for the document.

The <title> element:

It is displayed as a title in SERP – Search Engine Results Page

It defines title in browser toolbar.

Title in SEO

According to search engine’s guidelines, Title is having character restriction. So, we have to create a unique title within 60 characters or 512 pixels.

Meta Description

Metadata is defined as the data about data, basically it provides the data about HTML document and it will not be displayed on the respective pages.

It will be machine parsable. Typically it is used to mention the specific page’s description, keywords and so on.

Meta Description in SEO

According to the search engine’s regulations, Meta description should be framed within 160 characters. It will be displayed as a website’s description in SERP – Search Engine Results Page.


Heading tag is used to define the HTML headings

Most significant headings can be mentioned by using h1 tag and the least significant headings can be mentioned by using h6 tag

Heading in SEO

If you are using your heading in h1 tag with your target keywords, then the resulting probability will increase.


It is used for bolding the specific phrases in the content.

How bold tag can be used in SEO perspective?

Bolding your SEO target keywords can increase your website results in the SERP.


It defines a hyperlink which is used to link from one page to another page.

Once you are familiar with these tags then surely it will improve your SEO activities effectively. Looking for more details about SEO Services in Chennai, follow us regularly.   

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